Manage user access with user roles

A role is the authorization given to users that enables them to view certain information, reports, or to perform specific actions in Marfeel. By managing roles, each user will only have access to the information that is relevant for their required activities in Marfeel. Roles can be combined in order to customize individual users access according to the needs of the Publisher.

For information on restricting which data a user has access to, read this article.

Find below a list of user roles in order from basic to most advanced.


Enables access to all the below, without exception.


This most basic role allows team members to access:

  1. Compass (Real-time Dashboard)
  2. Good Morning report
  3. Workspaces created by them or shared with them
  4. Heads Up Display
  5. View existing SERP results

Homepage Editor

The same access as Viewer, but with:

  1. Ability to run Headline and Image A/B tests on Heads Up Display.
  2. Access to historial AB tests results.


A more advanced role for team members who need to access to a broader range of data and insights. Analysts can use:

  1. Explore (except monetization)
  2. Optimize
  3. MarfeelCast
  4. Recirculation
  5. Audits
  6. Web vitals

Experiences editor

  1. Enables access to no-code solutions in the Experiences module such as Recommender and Flowcards.
  2. Create new SERP querys

Experiences admin

Enables access to experiences global settings such as layouts and templates

Curated Content

Typically for team members with editorial privileges, allowing users to add articles to the list recommendations (otherwise defined algorithmically).


Allows Analysts additional access in order to use:

User Manager

Grants permission to create, update or delete other users.

Content Opportunities

Enables access to the Content Opportunities playbook, which offers a fine-tuned analysis on content production. Usually reserved for section editors and directors.