Integrate Google Ad Manager to Marfeel

To integrate Google Ad Manager monetization data in Marfeel, we would need you to follows these steps.

  1. Go to Admin → General Settings in Google Ad Manager
  2. Add our as a service account with Executive permissions
  3. Bear in mind that the access should be given from “General Settings” and not from the user management screens from where you usually create users. To complete the process make sure you activate the API Access and click on “Add a service account user


Last but not least send Marfeel the “Network ID” of each account you want to integrate.

Please note that if you have multiple GAM accounts you’ll have to repeat this process in all of them.


If your Google Tag Manager has Teams enabled (see screenshot) make sure that the Marfeel user belongs to a team with visibility to all the line items. Otherwise monetization data won’t be accessible to Marfeel.