User Guides Overview

Welcome to Marfeel’s Content Analytics User Guides. Here, you’ll find articles explaining how to use our guides.


Getting started

For users who are new to the platform or just need a refresher, the following guides make it easy to dive right into Marfeel and start using Compass with articles on how to leverage predictive analytics for featured KPIs, how to monitor real-time traffic, access historical data, and apply all available filters.

Metrics and KPIs

Every metric on the Marfeel platform has something to say about a publication’s performance. Learn about all the available metrics in regards to:

  • Content covers everything from the length of the title to readability
  • Engagement metrics show how long readers spend on articles, how far they scroll, etc.
  • Social metrics like shares, comments, and numbers of followers track engagement with content on social media

Dimensions and filters

Every type of data available at the warehouse level can be to sliced and diced in ways meaningful to each individual publication. Find more detail in these guides that demonstrate how to:

  • Filter content by author, publication date, section, topic, and more
  • Filter visitors by device, page technology, loyalty, etc
  • Social filters such as if an article is linked to social or account name allow users to hone in on social media KPIs with more precision


In this category, Marfeel offers a detailed look at the ways publishers can improve technical SEO using our two site technology modules. Find all guides relevant to the Audits module here.

Read up on core web vitals basics, as well as how to use the CWV module, and easy fixes that will improve user experience and Google rankings.


Learn how to Open the Heads Up Display to view link engagement at a glance on any domain page, including the homepage. This guide demonstrates how to generate lists of best and worst performing links based on positioning and historical data and run A/B tests on text and images, no code required.

See how to monitor recirculation with Compass to view each article’s real-time recirculation rate, CTR for internal and external links, and total number of clicks.


Learn about the Content Visibility feature that makes it possible to track which articles are open to the public vs. behind a paywall to make quick decisions in real-time according to your business strategy.


Read an introduction to Marfeel’s Affiliation module or get right to the nitty gritty with a guide on how to leverage key insights.

User Settings

Learn how to set preferences enable demo mode to anonymize sensitive information within the Platform. The Marfeel on mobile guide contains instructions for how to install Marfeel as a PWA.