Marfeel demo mode

There are situations where you would like to show some reports provided by Marfeel without exposing sensitive information like article titles, urls, authors or domains.

Marfeel provides a demo mode that automatically blurs all sensitive information and anonymizes site specific information

Enabling demo mode

To enable the demo mode you have to add a ?demo=true query param when browsing to You can add the query param to any url or use the default one

Disabling demo mode

To disable the demo mode set the query param to ?demo=false or browse to

How to take Screenshots

Here are some recommendations to take good screenshots for your presentations.

  1. We recommend taking screenshots from the Marfeel PWA or from Safari with `Compact tab layout``
  2. When taking screenshots the window should have 1440x900px. To easily achieve so you can you use a Window manager application like Moom and create a custom resize.
  3. To take an screenshot press simultaneously ⌘ + ⇧ + ^ + 4
  4. Then press space
  5. Click on the window you want to take an screenshot from
  6. This will take an screenshot with a transparent halo background

How to highlight areas of an screenshot

To focus the attention on a given element of the screenshot you can use the Mask option of the OSX Preview application. To do follow these steps:

  1. Take the screenshot on your clipboard
  2. Open Preview app and File > `New from clipboard``
  3. Go to Tools > Annotate > Mask