Marfeel Affiliation Module

Nowadays affiliation revenue can easily be accountable for 10-20% of Tier1 publishers. It’s more and more common to see newsrooms having editors dedicated to content commerce articles production.

The Marfeel Affiliation module helps editors:

  1. Understand which products are getting more clicks
  2. Editors can make data-informed decisions and re-order the links based on CTR. Products with higher CTR should be moved the highest on an article
  3. Drive more clicks towards affiliation product pages through automated Flowcard Experiences

Affiliation Insights

Both the Explore View and Optimize View have a hasAffiliation filter as shown in the screenshot below that allows filtering articles with affiliation links.

Using the filter and grouping by url will show the list of articles with affiliation links. Try yourself the query.

Article details

When accessing the details of an article the performance of its links is showed:

  • Impressions: Number of times the link has been loaded
  • Viewable: Number of times the link was visible on screen
  • Viewability: Ratio telling how often the link gets on screen
  • Viewable CTR: Number of clicks on a link divided by the number of times it was on screen.
  • Clicks: Number of clicks on a link

How are affiliation links detected

When Marfeel detects an article with traffic it processes it during the Editorial Audit Phase. Amongst other things Marfeel detects all the internal and external links an article has. Links pointing to Amazon, Awin, Tradedoubler, Aliexpress or Skimlinks affiliation networks are automatically classified. Other links might get classified too following these heuristics:

  1. Must be external, absolute and https
  2. The ‘’ tag has a rel=nofollow or rel=sponsored attribute
  3. The link contains a utm_.*, .aff.or .af_. queryparam

Affiliation experiences

Marfeel Affiliation experiences load a product listing inside a Flowcard providing product information directly extracted from Amazon

Currently only Amazon affiliation links are supported, more affiliation networks are on their way. Product fields extracted from Amazon are:

  1. Name
  2. Description
  3. Price
  4. Discount
  5. Prime
  6. Rating

Affiliation Ids are fully respected by the experience.

In the future automatic sorting by CTR and winner product will be automatically promoted.

How to create an Affiliation Experience

The Marfeel Affiliation experience has two modes:

  1. Automatic: Creates a product listing based on the affiliation links detected in the host article.
  2. Manual: The creator of the experience can provide a list of product urls

To show an Affiliation experience in all articles where affiliation links are detected a hasAffiliation = true targeting can be used.

To extract all product details the experience needs an Amazon API token that can be obtained from the Amazon Product Advertising documentation.

How to measure the impact of an Affiliation experience

The Affiliation experience is fully instrumented out-of-the box:

  • An easy to digest summary of how links of an article are performing can be checked by editors in the article details view
  • In-depth analysis can be performed on the recirculation module
  • Last but not least when an Affiliation Experience is created a new affiliation-click goal is created on the Optimize view

Recommended tests

Marfeel recommends 2 different exercises to prove the effectiveness.

The first test consists in activating the Affiliation Flowcard on articles with affiliation links instrumented with a recirculation module. The test is successful when the total number of outbound clicks towards amazon from the inline article + the flowcard are more than without the flowcard.

There’s a second test interesting to run using different affiliation Ids. One id for the article links and a second one for the products displayed inside the Flowcard. This allows measuring the quality of the final conversion (second order conversion) on the affiliate side. Are users clicking on a product from the Flowcard buy more?