Audits Overview

Audits module, part of Site Technology category, is a real time site checker. It recurrently audits all pages with traffic and exposes results in a digestible way so that most impactful errors can be acted upon and fixed.


  1. Run 100+ audits on your articles and AMP counterparts in real time as they are published, on-demand or as part of your CI infrastructure.
  2. Guarantee status-quo technical SEO on your sites and prevent hard to identify SEO regressions on new CMS releases that can impact your traffic during weeks.
  3. Top types of errors you’ll be able to pick up within seconds after publishing an article:

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Have you experienced a case that led to an impact on your site and is not covered in Marfeel’s Audits module? Tell us about it and win a 50€ Amazon gift card :money_mouth_face: