How does Marfeel extract the metadata from articles

Marfeel tracks data about traffic, subscriptions, advertising or engagement and supports reporting across a myriad of editorial dimensions like the Section, Author, Publication date or Title that helps editors understand how content is distributed and consumed allowing them to optimize their production.

Effectively speaking Marfeel creates a visual representation of a site based on how Googlebot sees it. Marfeel builds the editorial profile of a page using most of the signals GoogleBot uses.

When Marfeel gets the first hit on a url the Marfeel Editorial Crawler crawls the page, gets the canonical of the page and extracts as much metadata as possible from it.

Where does Marfeel Editorial Crawler get the metadata from

The Marfeel Editorial crawler auto-tracks maximum metadata through sequential strategies on page markup.

  1. Custom Marfeel tagging
  2. Structure Data
  3. Microdata
  4. Open Graph og:*
  5. RDFa

Read more on how Marfeel gets detail metadata and how you could inform it improving your SEO:

When does Marfeel Editorial Crawler crawl an article?

The Marfeel Editorial Crawler crawls a url when it gets a first hit and re-crawls it any time the article changes. Read all the details.

Not updating the last update date can impact positioning on Google News and the News Carousel, among other placements. Marfeel tries to create a visual representation on how most likely GoogleBot sees your site and thus doesn’t update the title. Read more information.


  1. Whitelisting Marfeel crawlers.
  2. Setup the Article Body crawler.
  3. Tools to understand where is Marfeel getting the metadata from.