Content Type, publication date and last update date

Marfeel classifies all pages based on their publication date into:

  • New: articles published during the last 48 hours
  • Recent: articles published between 2 and 7 days ago
  • Evergreen: articles published more than 7 days ago
  • Not Editorial: urls not specifying any publication date

content type is available across the Marfeel platform both as a filter and a dimension in the Compass, Explore, Optimize, Good Morning and Content Opportunities perspectives.

Why might the publication date can be useful to you?

Separate traffic from articles and home pages

Home and section pages normally have a lot of traffic and show on your top traffic pages. If you want to focus on article production and your best articles you can easily filter New, Recent and Evergreen content on the right Content type filters or use a not equals filter on the top filter bar.

Track content production

There are several places where you can see how many articles the newsroom is producing:

  1. On the Compass right side bar you can see the total new articles
  2. On the Sections, Authors and Topics views
  3. On Explore via the New articles KPI

Identify evergreen opportunities

Whenever you filter by Evergreen on the real-time dashboard or in historical data, you can identify old content that is still performing today. If you want to combine this with the Search filter you can check your audience volume in non-news pages that are coming organically.

With a couple of simple filters you can take actions:

  • More than 7 days old and still relevant? Check if it is worth writing a follow-up story
  • You’re getting organic traffic and just sitting down? Put the word out there on social media to extract extra traffic or update the article so you will not lose relevance in Search results

Update content to make the most of your content archive

Why, when, and how to refresh old content with current statistics, dates, and links, adding or subtracting context. Identify evergreen articles that have not been update within the last 30 days and update them to boost their relevance, the fresher a content is the better.

Content freshness is a ranking factor in search engine result pages which places new content above older content. Google prefers up-to-date articles and linking, because external links decay over time as well.

Marfeel makes Article last update date KPI available at the data warehouse level to identify not recently updated content.

Traffic and goal attributions to the editorial effort you are making

When using the Optimize panel, the default view of acquired traffic per article (drilled down for example by section) uses the New content filter so you can have quick insights at a Glance about the results you are having per each article you are producing, taking into account only the first 48h of traffic and detect opportunities to write news on sections that are attracting a lot of audience without a lot of effort:

How does Marfeel identify the publication and last update dates

Marfeel tries getting the publication date from the datePublished property of Article and NewsArticle JSON-LD. If it doesn’t find it, it tries several alternative heuristics.

If you filter by not-editorial content and you see articles, it most probably means you have an SEO issue with the structure data of your pages not properly informing the publication date. These issues normally affect Google Discover traffic. The Audits section will probably give you further insights into how to solve your concrete problems.

Marfeel crawls and reports the dateModified property from the structure data of any given article.