How to debug metadata detection

Find below a set of tools that can help understanding where is the Marfeel Editorial Crawler getting the metadata from.

The Marfeel Editorial crawler is under constant evolution. Philosophically Marfeel must create a visual representation of how GoogleBot sees a site, using the same signals it uses. We internally use the tools below to debug the Marfeel Editorial Crawler behavior and assess if should support a case or not based specially on Google Rich Results tool.

Marfeel Editorial Crawler Inspector

Coming soon

Google Rich Results

If Google’s Rich Results gets a field or a signal, Marfeel must behave accordingly Validator

Marfeel must validate ld+json schemas accordingly to how the validator works

OpenLink Structure Data Chrome extension

Openlink Chrome extension reveals structured metadata (Microdata, RDFa, JSON-LD, Turtle, etc.) embedded within HTML documents.

Ryte Structured Data Helper Chrome extension

The Ryte Structured Data Helper is a handy overview to quickly and clearly validate your page’s Schema markup. It highlights syntax errors, missing required properties, and displays all nested data in one location, so that you never need to leave the page.