How does Marfeel detect the Section an article belongs to?

Marfeel auto-tracks article Sections via this heuristics waterfall:

  1. Include the mrf:sections meta tag in the page’s head. You can declare multiple sections separating them with a semicolon ; :

    <meta property="mrf:sections" content="Section1;Section2">
  2. JSON+LD. Read more details about Article Section

    <script type="application/ld+json">
      "@context": "",
      "@type": "NewsArticle",
      "articleSection": ["Section 1","Section 2"]
  3. All og:article:section tags in the page’s head

    <meta property="og:article:section" content="Section 1" />
    <meta property="og:article:section" content="Section 2" />
  4. All meta tag article

    <meta property="article:section" content="Section 1">
    <meta property="article:section" content="Section 2">

Multiple Sections

Please note that multiple sections can be declared:

  1. In mrf:sections separating them with a semicolon ;
  2. In JSON+LD declaring articleSection as an Array
  3. Using multiple meta tags article:section or og:article:section

Sub-Sections and Sub-Sub-Sections

Marfeel understands the importance of organizing content effectively to provide a seamless and optimized reading experience for your users. To facilitate proper analysis and optimize content production Marfeel provides an standardized approach to tagging sub-sections and sub-sub-sections.

To tag a sub-section within an article, use the following syntax:

<meta property="mrf:tags" content="sub-section:[sub-section name]" />

To tag a sub-sub-section within an article, follow this syntax:

<meta property="mrf:tags" content="sub-sub-section:[sub-sub-section name]" />

Replace [sub-section name] and [sub-sub-section name] with the relevant name or label for the sub-section and sub-sub-section. For example, if your article delves into the F.C Barcelona football team, you can use:

<meta property="mrf:sections" content="Sports" />
<meta property="mrf:tags" content="sub-section:Football" />
<meta property="mrf:tags" content="sub-sub-section:FC Barcelona" />