Content Dimensions and filters

Author & Byline

An Author refers to the person responsible for creating a piece of content like an article, a blog post or any other form of written material. Normally matches the Author that created the content on the CMS.

A Byline is the public text that acknowledges and identifies the author(s) responsible for creating an article. Normally matches the public byline as informed on the structure data.

An Author may have multiple bylines for different reasons:

  1. Pseudonyms or pen names: Some authors may write under a pseudonym or pen name, either for personal reasons or to maintain separation between different areas of their work. In such cases, they could have multiple bylines associated with their different pen names.
  2. Variations in name representation: An author’s name may be represented differently across various publications or platforms

As an example, the Author John Smith might publish articles using these different bylines:

  1. John Smith
  2. JS
  3. J.S.
  4. John S.
  5. J. Smith
  6. Generic Editorial byline

Marfeel exposes both the real Author of an article along with the used Byline as dimensions on Explore, Optimize and Compass views.

By default, if mrf:authors is not explicitly informed, the field is automatically populated with the Byline value.

Markup to track Authors and Bylines

Content type

Distribution of concurrent users in terms of the age of the content they are reading.

  • New: Percentage of concurrent users reading articles created in the last 48 hours.
  • Recent: Percentage of concurrent users reading articles between 48 hours and 7 days.
  • Evergreen: Percentage of concurrent users reading articles created more than 7 days ago.
  • Not Editorial: Percentage of concurrent users reading non-editorial content, for example, home the homepage or a checkout page.
The number in parenthesis beside New shows the number of new articles created in the last 48 hours.

For more details about Content Type, please check: Content Type, publication date and last update date

Publication date

The publication date determines the age of the content and thus which Content Type it will be classified as read more


List of all Sections and their respective main KPIs and articles production.


List of all Tags Groups and Tags and their respective main KPIs and article production. Tags are personalized labels created by the publisher to track specific content or characteristics of the content.


Aggregates main KPIs and article production by Topics, which are labels automatically generated by Marfeel following Google’s methodology for extracting natural language entities entities.

Update date


An article visibility defines who can freely read it. An article can have be publicly available to all users, be accessible only to subscribers or be dynamically closed based on different criterias. An article visibility is detected based on structure data or instrumented page vars and can assist editors finding opportunities of articles to close.