Conversions and subscriptions tracking overview

Marfeel offers a myriad of features to track subscriptions and any kind of conversion in general. All conversions data and attribution models are then made available through Compass, Good morning, Optimize and Single Customer View reports.

The Marfeel SDK tracks multiple aspects:

  1. User journey: Differentiate anonymous, registered, subscribers and any other user type you want to track
  2. Subscription conversions Track the event when a user subscribes
  3. Page visibility to know when a page is open, closed or dynamically closed
  4. Users reconciliation across devices

Marfeel offers tag experiences that allow non-technical users to instrument the side in a low code environment. You might want to consider a no code experience if:

  1. You use a comercial paywall solution like Piano, Evolok or Zephr
  2. If the data points to instrument are already accessible via Javascript in the data layer or window object
  3. If a conversion can unequivocally be triggered when a user hits an specific page url
  4. If a conversion can unequivocally be triggered based on an existing AJAX http request