How can I track the effectiveness of steps on my conversion funnel?

Understanding the conversion rate along each step of your subscription funnel can help you identify opportunities to add steps for extra revenue, or also identify steps that aren’t working and should be adjusted or removed.

Example using your newsroom in Marfeel

How to build this report:

  • Insights > Explore
  • Metrics = the conversion steps you want to track; often sites will have Registered users and Subscriber users, so they can track the amount of users who registered and then later became a paid subscriber
  • Compared to = Preceding period
  • Attribution = Last hit
  • Select the Funnel chart view on the graph displaying the info

Conversions in Explore are only available in the Enterprise plan. Check with you Customer Success Manager on how to activate it.

Don’t have your subscription integrated in Marfeel?

Check how to do it here or ask our support team or your Customer Success Manager.