Social module overview

As a publisher, social media is a critical component of your online presence. Within Marfeel Social Module, you’re able to track all your social data in one place to easily understand the impact of social media posts on acquired traffic.

Marfeel’s social media integrations provide actionable analysis into engagement with content on your social channels. How does it sound to be able to:

  1. Learn when important accounts mention your articles
  2. Be on top of articles not distributed on your social networks
  3. Discover which authors, sections, and topics perform best on social media
  4. Track new followers, likes, shares, and comments over time and in real time

If all of that seems useful to you, then keep reading.

Find set-up instructions for all integrations. Bear in mind admin status is required:

Keep reading and find out more:

  1. Visual correlations of social posts to identify what’s working and what’s not
  2. Identify distribution opportunities with undistributed articles and lots of other Insights
  3. Social Metrics and Dimensions