How to Set Up the X (Twitter) Integration

The X (formerly Twitter) integration allows you to import data from all tweets sharing your articles into Marfeel. This includes real-time engagement metrics and numbers of posts, replies, retweets, likes and followers. All data is available in the Explore module and Compass playbook.
It can also be used for posting to your X/Twitter accounts from within Marfeel.
For a deeper dive on the social media module and how to get the most out of it, see the user guide.

Set Up the X/Twitter Integration

Due to latest changes around Twitter API, retrieving data needs a Twitter app with an associated paying plan. You can read more on Twitter's API access levels here. Marfeel integration will make sure that the available quota is used in the most effective manner.
  1. Go to the Organization icon in sidebar, and select Integrations. Navigate to ‘Social’ section.

  2. Click on Connect in the Twitter integration box. You will see the following prompt:

  3. Choose a name for your integration, and insert a valid X/Twitter app token. Add your Consumer API Key and Secret in case you want to use the integration for creating posts from within Marfeel. Once complete, click on “Confirm”. Your integration is created.

  4. Now click on ‘Add profile’ and insert as many X/Twitter profiles as you want to sync. Similarly, use the domain selector to select the domains you want to track.

Obtaining the X/Twitter Token

Due to security reasons, Marfeel needs a Bearer Token associated with a X/Twitter development app so that it can import the data on your behalf. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to get it:

  1. Log in with your X/Twitter account, access, and click on Developer Portal at the upper right corner (close to your profile picture).

    • If it’s the first time you’re accessing this developer portal, you will need to create a developer profile. Select your country, “Building B2B Products” as the use case, and respond “No” to the question of whether you will make Twitter content or derived information available to a government entity.
    • If you don’t have a verified phone number associated with your X/Twitter account, you will need to register one. You can do so at Twitter>More>Your Account>Account information>Phone.
  2. If it’s the first time you’re accessing the Developer Portal, you will be prompted to select a name for your app. Once created, information relative to your recently created app will be visible. Copy Bearer Token and paste it into Marfeel’s integration set up screen.

  3. If it’s not the first time you’re accessing the Portal, you will need to go to Projects & Apps > select your app > Keys and Tokens > Regenerate. This will regenerate the Bearer Token of your previously existing app (make sure there’s no one currently using it!) and show you the new Token so you can copy it and paste it into Marfeel’s integration set up screen.

Setting up a payment plan

To enable a payment plan with Twitter/X in order to retrieve data from your posts and monitor your appearances on the network, you can do so by navigating to X API v2 settings and accessing “Basic” tab. You will see a button “Upgrade to Basic in 1-Click”:


Sometimes the integration may experience problems fetching the data related to the accounts you are syncing. In these cases, you may notice that some posts are missing, not being shown in Editorial Details or in Explore. You can find more information in the Logs tab inside the integration. Common ones are listed below:

WebClientResponseException.TooManyRequests: 429

Marfeel fetches tweets from all the accounts you sync, and also searches tweets from any account that is sharing URLs from the domains tracked in your Marfeel account. Whenever the amount is high, the number of requested tweets is throttled by the integration, but even so sometimes we may reach the monthly limit. If that is the case, you can try:

  1. Make sure that you have “Elevated Access” active in your project as described above. This should ensure you have a 2 million monthly tweet limit instead of 500k.
  2. Create a new X/Twitter integration using a different developer profile, and split the accounts to sync between the 2 integrations.

WebClientResponseException.Forbidden: 403 Forbidden

The created app doesn’t have the right permissions to grant access to tweet retrieval. Make sure that:

  1. The app still exists.
  2. The app is inside a project.
  3. Try regenerating the token and recreating the integration.
  4. Try recreating the app.
  5. If none of the points listed above work, please contact Marfeel support