Saved Reports

Marfeels allows users to save any report for improved efficiency, organization, and to encourage good habits. Any data set in Marfeel can be saved as a report, whether it’s from Compass, Explore, Core Web Vitals, Recirculation, or any other view.

See something interesting? Save it as a report. Saved reports provide various benefits:

  1. Time-saving: Keep frequently used reports as close as one click away. Avoid regenerating the same report over and over again.
  2. Improved organization: Categorize reports according to team, function, or any way that makes them easy to find. Organize your private reports so that they enhance your workflow.
  3. Customization: Save reports with specific filters, dimensions, and metrics for deeper insights into your data.
  4. Sharing: Saved reports can be shared with other users to improve collaboration, discussion, and decision-making.
  5. Alignment: Reports saved in Marfeel ensure that all users are looking at the same data according to the same methodology for more consistent and accurate analysis.
  6. Consistency: Create routines by scheduling reports to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Subscriptions ensure that everyone has access to up-to-date information at regular intervals without having to remember to manually run reports. Make data easily accessible on a consistent basis to set you and your team up for success.

How to create a workspace

A workspace is a folder where you can save all your Marfeel reports. They can be shared, allowing users to share the reports saved within. Workspaces are first-class citizens at Marfeel, meaning you can access them directly from the sidebar:

To create a new workspace:

  1. Go to the Workspace Overview and select New workspace.

2. Enter a name and select an icon from the menu.

How to save a report

Any report from Marfeel can be saved whether it be from the Compass dashboard, Explore view, the Recirculation module, the Good Morning playbook, or anywhere else on the platform.

To save a report:

  1. Click the Save button in the top-right corner:

  1. Name the report and save it to a new or existing workspace.

  1. The query will now open as a report.

  • The report is private unless it is shared with someone else.
  • In the event that it is shared, the report will not be editable by anyone else unless they are granted permission.
  • The report can now be scheduled to be delivered at regular intervals by clicking the Subscribe button in the top-right corner.
Marfeel saved reports are private to the user unless explicitly shared with others.

Quick access to pinned workspaces

Star workspaces to pin them to the sidebar and to the top of the Workspaces Overview:

Keep your most frequently used workspaces pinned for convenience and to increase productivity.

Managing workspaces

Click on the three dots at the end of the row to manage workspaces:

  • edit name
  • edit icon
  • delete any workspace and the saved reports contained within

Provide support to users

Admins have access to All user workspaces in order to provide support and view usage.