Yesterday's Conversions with the Good Morning Playbook

With the Good Morning Playbook, subscription managers can get a breakdown of yesterday’s subscriptions per article alongside other top-performing articles in other dimensions. Save the report to a workspace for easy access in the future, and schedule your customized Good Morning report to be delivered to the entire subscriptions team via Slack, Teams, or email.

Yesterday’s conversions: performance and benchmarking

All conversion funnels are available as featured KPIs in the Good Morning playbook. In the example below, the publisher had 2.4k trial subscription sign-ups yesterday. That number is down 29% for that day of the week, which happens to be a Wednesday. Furthermore, hovering over the vertical blue bars reveals the totals for the previous five Wednesdays for even more precise benchmarking.

Scroll further to see the total number of subscriptions per article. These are in order by the top-performing articles in terms of subscriptions along with the section, author, number of page views, and traffic source. In the example above, internal traffic was the most common traffic attribute for subscribers. It is also interesting to note the lack of a direct correlation between total page views and subscriptions.

Customize your Good Morning Playbook

Add helpful filters such as Content type and User journey and save the report to a workspace to retrieve those same settings at a later date or schedule the customized Good Morning to have it delivered to your team via Slack, Teams, or email.

Admins can add conversion KPIs and default filters to the Good Morning Report by going to Settings > Playbooks > Good Morning