Heads up display Overview (HUD)

The Heads Up Display (HUD) provides a visual representation of link performance overlaid on any page of your site. It highlights opportunities to put stories that interest your audience front and center. Reader loyalty metrics at a glance ensure that homepage editors keep their most valuable readers engaged. What’s more, Marfeel Copilot harnesses the power of AI to provide headline ideas for the home page based on each publication’s tone of voice.

They say location is everything, and this is certainly the case for home pages and section pages, where stories listed at the top get more exposure than ones at the bottom of the page, where few readers scroll. Marfeel Head’s Up Display levels the playing field by factoring in how many readers have seen each link, showing editors which stories are performing well regardless of, or even despite, their position on the page.

If an article is failing to garner interest from users who scroll far enough to see it, then something needs to change.

  1. Maybe the image or the title are not communicating what is interesting about the topic.
  2. Perhaps the topic itself is not particularly interesting to readers.
  3. It could also be that the rest of the articles in the module are taking off—and taking up most of the finite number of clicks.

The HUD provides insight into all of these possibilities. It also lets editors conduct A/B tests right from the homepage to test out the performance of alternative titles and images.

Use the HUD to:

  • Identify articles of interest in real time and position them accordingly
  • Generate new headline ideas and conduct A/B testing for titles and images
  • Find the stories popular among your most loyal readers

The HUD is like a map that points out opportunities for optimization with all the information you need to make quick decisions that keep users engaged. The guides How to Use the Heads Up Display and Headline and Image Testing are like legends that will help you read the map efficiently. Keep reading below for more activation instructions and check the troubleshooting ideas if you run into any issues.

Activate HUD

Users can activate Heads Up Display (HUD) from Marfeel using different methods:

From Marfeel article details page

  1. Go to hub.marfeel.com
  2. Find the article or home page you are interested in and click on it
  3. The article details page will open
  4. Clicking the title of the detail page will open the original URL and will load the Heads Up Display

From an article url

  1. Browse to the public url of the published article
  2. Append this query param ?activate-overlay=true to the url i.e.: https://mydomain.com/?activate-overlay=true. This will load the HUD on the provided url.

After the HUD opens once, the user will always see it when browsing the site. Closing the HUD will prevent it opening in the future until the user opens it up again following one of the two methods above.

For convenience, Marfeel HUD doesn't rely on any browser plugin making it available on mobile and tablet devices.
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