User Journey tracking

Compass can track subscriber users separately from anonymous users. It can also differentiate between paying users and free registrations according to your signwall or paywall configuration.

We recommend implementing this feature during the initial pageview of every user session and at the login stage. However, it's worth noting that applying this feature to every pageview would ensure coverage across all scenarios.

To track registered logged-in users, add this line to your JavaScript:

window.marfeel.cmd.push(['compass', function(compass) {

To track subscribers readers, add this line to your JavaScript:

window.marfeel.cmd.push(['compass', function(compass) {

Custom user journey stages

You can add custom stages to the user journey according to your business needs:

  1. Go to the User journey admin page
  2. Add the stages you need. You can map different pricing tiers to different stages
  3. Use the stage identifier or the provided snippet to track your users

Some interesting use cases we’ve seen our customers implementing are Print and Digital subscription or tracking “ex-Subscriber”. If one of the stages has the ID 3, add the following code to track such users.

window.marfeel.cmd.push(['compass', function(compass) {

On Compass view data for those user types will be shown.


No code Integration

Marfeel offers no code native integrations with some comercial vendors that will prevent you to go through ad-hoc implementations:

  1. Piano Integration