Marfeel Roll-up Accounts: Create & Manage Roll-up Accounts

Marfeel roll-up accounts are created via request to your Account Manager. When a roll-up account is created 2 admins of each child account will have to accept the connection and the rest of the Admin users will be notified.

Once the roll-up account is created Users with access to it will have it available via Change Organization.

Once connected an account can be disconnected from a rollup account unilaterally without the permission of the rollup account.

User access to roll-up accounts

Roll-up accounts do not inherit users from child accounts. You add users to a roll-up property and configure their access separately from users in child properties.

Users on a roll-up account can have roles and data restrictions.

Users on a roll-up account are not automatically given permissions for any of the child accounts.

Users on child accounts are not automatically given any permissions for the roll-up account.

Users on child accounts do not inherit any permissions from the roll-up account.