Marfeel Roll-up Accounts: Combining data from multiple accounts into a single roll-up account

Marfeel roll-up accounts combine data from multiple Marfeel accounts into a single roll-up account, creating a new multi-account that merges all the individual ones.

For example, if you have separate accounts for multiple brands that your company owns, you can roll those up to a single account that provides an aggregate look at how those brands perform. Stakeholders can therefore review and analyze data from a single Marfeel Analytics source instead of having to toggle between them.

What are Roll-up accounts ideal for?

Roll-up accounts have been conceptualized for a myriad of different use cases that allows organizations to seamlessly and effortlessly aggregate data:

  1. Multi property organizations that operate independently with their data but require a comprehensive aggregated view for governance, benchmarking and executive reporting.
  2. Simplify account operations, user management, data restrictions and experiences configuration of Marfeel Accounts with multiple properties. Using child accounts will allow admins and creators to logically organize everything.
  3. Consultants & Partners can aggregate the data of their different customers to ease data discovery and data benchmarking.
  4. Universities, Journalism and Research Organisations can have aggregated data from different accounts in one unique normalized account.

What are the benefits of a Roll-up account?

  • Simplicity: The largest benefit of Roll-up accounts is just how simple they are to create and set up, compared to how you’d have to do it manually. Forget about hard to create and expensive to manage data pipelines or spreadsheets. Let’s pretend you’re a client with 20 different sites, all with their own custom tracking. In order to manually roll these accounts up and get an enterprise view of all 20 sites together you’d have to re-tag all 20 sites with additional tracking, which in itself is expensive and time consuming.
  • Data consistency: Hard to compare metrics that are sampled or defined differently. Consistency is a big deal for product data as well. With Marfeel you’ll be comparing apples to apples, you’ll minimize the normalization and data cleansing timings.
  • Benchmarking. Having aggregated data from multiple child accounts within a single account allows for a comprehensive view of your business’s evolution and compare properties side by side.
  • Aggregated in realtime: You won’t have to wait days or weeks to consolidate your spreadsheets or data pipelines when data will already be outdated. Marfeel makes all data available immediately in real time to roll-up accounts.
  • Independent admins per property You can still maintain individual user settings for your child accounts. Within the Roll-up Account, you’ll be able to generate users with their own permissions and restrictions completely independently.

Data ownership

Marfeel roll-up accounts helps organization controlling and guaranteeing who has access to their data and limit uncontrolled data sharing and exports:

  1. Data exports are disabled from roll-up accounts
  2. All admins from child accounts are notified when a new user is granted access to a roll-up account
  3. Access to the data on a build up account can unilaterally be revoked at any point by the child account
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