Marfeel Experiences introduction

Marfeel Experiences are visual widgets or javascript tags that personalize the way a user or a group of users experience a web page. Marfeel Experiences are great at boosting user engagement providing the right next content, growing email lists and signups, generating leads, enlarging your social presence and delivering tailored calls-to-action.

Marfeel Visual Experiences

Marfeel offers different types of visual experiences to fit different needs:

  1. Flowcards experiences are expandable widgets that float at the bottom of the screen with silky smooth animations.
  2. Inline experiences are inline widgets that can be added anywhere in your pages. They can be self-contained or inherit your page styles to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Marfeel Tag Experiences

Marfeel Tag Experiences are non visual experiences that allow non pro coders add optimized snippets of code to a website in a blink of an eye. They have a range of different functions like collecting the data Marfeel Compass needs or extracting and sending different information from Marfeel to platforms like Piano, Facebook, Google Optimize or Google Ad Manager.

Some out-of-box tag experiences:

  1. Add Facebook pixel to loyal users to acquire lookalike audiences on Facebook
  2. Add Facebook pixel to new users to re-target them later on if they don’t come back
  3. Send in Marfeel RFV to Piano
  4. Send Marfeel Topics or IAB content categorization to Google Ad Manager to enrich your deals with contextual data
  5. Set Google Optimize experiments as sessionsVars so they are available on Experience Manager through Google Optimize Tag Experience.
  6. Add internal recirculation information for Marfeel Compass without technical resources

You can find more details on How Marfeel Tag Experiences work article.

Marfeel Experience Manager

Marfeel Experience Manager is the provided system to create user journeys and personalizations. Target users with individually tailored messages when they’re most active or about to drop off to drive engagement and conversions.

There are three main benefits to handling Marfeel Experiences this way:

  1. Easing pressure on developers. Neither you nor your company’s web developers need to worry about manually developing visual experiences or manually coding tags to interconnect different platforms. Marfeel Experience Manager makes available a wide catalog of ready-to-use experiences.
  2. From ideation to delivery in no time. Get out-of-the-shelve instrumented experiences that just works and prove your hypothesis.
  3. Stakeholder’s control. Marfeel Experience Manager enables in-house business stakeholders, non-developer resources, and editors to innovate faster to drive engagement, conversion, and monetization.