How Marfeel Tag Experiences work

Marfeel Tag Experiences are snippets of code added to a website page. Its main goal is allowing data wiring across different platforms easing the pressure on ad-hoc integrations and your developer resources.

There are two stages in the page loading life cycle where Marfeel Tag Experiences can be executed: Pre and Post targeting tags.

Pre-targeting tags

Pre-targeting tags are normally used to collect data points from external platforms and make them available to Marfeel Compass and Marfeel Experience Manager. Some examples are:

  1. Identify anonymous, registered or subscriber users and inform them to Marfeel Compass
  2. Identify if a page has been dynamically closed and inform it to Marfeel Compass
  3. Google Optimize Tag Experience: Identify the Google Optimize experiment group a user belongs to and make it available to Marfeel Experience Manager. This would allow for example to run A/B tests with Flowcards only in a given group of users.

Pre-targeting tags are always executed and are not context-aware. They can’t have rules or a target audience.

Post-targeting tags

Post-targeting tags are snippets of code to execute on a targeted and selected audience. They are context-aware and have user, session and page contextual information available. Some examples uses are:

  1. Facebook pixel to track loyal users and acquire look alikes.
  2. Send contextual information like the topics or IAB categorization of an article to Google Ad Manager

Execution flow

    User->> index.html>>+User: return page
    User->> marfeel-sdk.js
    User->> get pre-targeting tags
    User->>User:execute pre-targeting tags 
    User->> get experiences and post-targeting tags with collected context
    User->>-User:execute experiences

It’s important to highlight that get experiences and post-targeting tags will wait for pre-targeting tags to complete for a maximum of 3s.

How to use Marfeel Tag Experiences

As of today Marfeel Tag Experiences are only operable by Marfeel. We are actively working on making them fully available and operable through Marfeel Experience Manager. In the meantime if you need them feel free to ask you Account Manager to activate them.

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