Marfeel Applications and Improved Previews

:iphone: :desktop_computer: Get the most out of your screen

Marfeel works on a wide range of screen resolutions and sizes: from video walls to small monitors and smartphone devices. This week we have enhanced the responsive view of Marfeel Compass to fit more relevant information on small screens.

You can now also Install Marfeel as an application on Desktop, Mobile or Tablet devices to stay on top of things when you’re on the go or maximize your visual space when on you are on your desk.

Demo mode

Show off your achievements without disclosing sensitive details about the newsroom with the new demo mode that automatically blurs identifying fields.

Targeting by folder or url parts

Marfeel Experience Manager now supports showing Marfeel Experiences in urls that contain defined words or that are in a given folder.

Some examples we’ve seen being used:

  • Show a recommendation for Ukraine topics to users reading an article with ukraine or russia in the url.


  • Recommend other technology deals if the user is reading an article that has offer in its url.

Learn more about available targeting on Experience Manager

:triangular_ruler: Measure twice, cut once

When creating Marfeel Experiences it’s important to have a highly accurate WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) preview showing what users will experience on the site. This week we have improved the Experience Manager Preview so that:

  1. It doesn’t consider triggers in order to have immediate feedback about changes
  2. Drag and drop interactions are now very smooth even on desktop

We are introducing a new mechanism to test experiences directly on your site, even if it’s still unpublished. To preview an experience on-page, navigate to a url on your site and add the mrfexperiences parameter.


Learn more about how to simulate Marfeel experiences.

Bug Fixes & Other updates

  • :lady_beetle: Fixed an edge case where targeting by Age of Content = Not Editorial was not working as expected causing Experiences to occasionally appear on Section pages (not editorial content)
  • :lady_beetle: Fixed an edge case where Marfeel Flowcards were not loading due to webpack conflicts on host page