Subscriptions Overview

Marfeel provides subscription managers with a powerful set of tools for tracking and managing conversions, enabling publishers to gain valuable insights into user behavior and optimize their conversion funnels for maximum impact.

Track multiple conversion funnels

An excellent strategy is to create multiple conversion funnels to track subscribers, as this enables a more comprehensive understanding of the user journey. Track a range of different conversions, such as signing up for a newsletter, creating a user profile, or subscribing to a paywall. This can be achieved using the trackConversion method, which can be invoked with a specific conversion name.

Marfeel also offers automatic conversion tracking, which can be triggered when a user clicks on a button or link, submits a form, or performs another predefined action.

How to track and manage conversions using Marfeel

In addition to providing conversion tracking tools, Marfeel offers a range of mechanisms to help publishers stay on top of subscriptions and optimize conversion strategies, including:

  • Compass: a comprehensive overview of your site’s performance in real time and historically. Subscription managers can benefit from the Compass Subscriptions playbook with a focus on tracking and managing conversions and related key metrics.
  • Good Morning playbook: a daily report that provides a summary of the previous day’s performance, showing what worked and what failed in order to be better prepared for tomorrow. This report is designed to help subscription managers identify trends and adjust their strategies accordingly.
  • Optimize: set subscriptions as your primary goal and see what is driving conversions. This feature provides detailed insights into the user journey, allowing subscription managers to identify and eliminate obstacles to conversion.
  • Explore: dive deeper into the data to see the real costs and benefits of conversions. This feature provides detailed information on user behavior and can help publishers optimize their strategies for maximum ROI.
  • Heads Up Display: the optimization tool for homepage editors now provides a real-time snapshot of how each article is performing in terms of subscriptions. See at a glance how many subscriptions have been generated by each article on the home page. Importantly, it also shows which articles have a high conversion rate but lack visibility on the home page, enabling editors to improve overall subscription rates.

Marfeel offers subscription managers a comprehensive suite of tools for success. Whether it’s keeping your finger on the pulse in real-time across the site or on the homepage, an overview of yesterday’s performance, or comprehensive deep-dives to discover trends and achieve your organization’s objectives, the options above have you covered. Click on any of the links to learn more.