MarfeelPass 1-click content payments

Empower your publishing business with MarfeelPass, offering a one-click payment solution for streamlined consent rejection. MarfeelPass provides readers with the option to support a publication by either accepting ads and data sharing or making a one-click payment for an ad-free, tracking-free reading experience.
  1. Comply with GDPR while maximizing revenue.
  2. Full ownership of your business and pricing strategy.
  3. Full control on the UI. On-page payment without redirecting the user to 3rd party sites.
  4. Transparent integration with your CMP without redundant TCF consent management
  5. Optimized for speed. Boost your CWVs and reduce 3rd party code in your pages

MarfeelPass seamlessly integrates with major CMPs via Experience Manager, enabling one-click payments through Google Pay and Apple Pay for users with digital wallets.

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