MarfeelPass Insights

By activating MarfeelPass you can get insights on user’s behavior.


Several events are available to see user’s actions:

  • Show MarfeelPass no code button: marfeelPassRejectNoCodeButtonShown
  • Show MarfeelPass notice: marfeelPassNoticeShown
  • Clicks on Accept: marfeelPassConsentAccepted
  • Clicks on Pay: marfeelPassStartsConsentRejectionPayment
  • Completes Payment: marfeelPassCompletesConsentRejectionPayment

These conversions are also saved as a session variable, so that we can analyze the acceptance rate of any MarfeelPass experience. We can do so in Explore, resulting in a table such as this one:

Where this 55.8% would be our acceptance rate. We can further group by or filter any relevant dimension to analyze acceptance rate under different conditions.

Consent Choice

User’s current CMP status is sent along each hit to Marfeel in Consent Choice dimension. This dimension is available either by having an Enterprise or having MarfeelPass service enabled. Possible values are:

  • 0: Rejected: The user has rejected the consent
  • 1: Accepted: The user has accepted the consent
  • 2: No Choice: The user has been presented with the CMP notice but has not accepted neither rejected
  • 3: No CMP: not eligible for CMP

This does not provide an acceptance rate, but rather it segments the current users by their consent status, regardless of when was this consent option set.

Loyalty Funnel

Consent relates to Loyalty Funnel in several ways:

  1. New and Won-Back users will frequently be in a situation where Consent must be collected.
  2. Users who do not accept the CMP notice will become Private.
    By analyzing acceptance rate grouping our users by their Loyalty Funnel we might understand their behavior better.


Using Marfeel’s Funnel visualization to analyze chained events, such as:

  1. CMP is shown.
  2. User clicks on reject.
  3. User completes payment.

We can better understand how users advance the different steps into our desired outcome.

We can also see how many users accept the consent after having clicked on reject and gone back.

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