Managing Tones of Voice

The term ‘tone of voice’ denotes the style, approach, and features of the language employed in crafting text. Various publications, writers, subjects, and sections may adopt markedly distinct tones of voice, thereby embodying the brand. A tone of voice can range from formal and scientific to sarcastic or humorous, incorporating myriad nuances and subtleties.

Marfeel Copilot+ enables users to generate and manage various tones of voice tailored to the specific requirements of an article. Users have the option to choose the desired tone of voice from the blue selector located at the bottom of the sidebar. This selected tone will be applied for the execution of subsequent AI Suggestions.

Marfeel Copilot+ offers users the ability to generate personalized or organization-wide tones of voice effortlessly, either automatically or manually, through the Tones of Voice Manager.

A Tone of Voice can be generated by users from:

  1. Articles : Users have the option to select various articles, and the system will extract the fundamental tone of voice.
  2. Text : Users are able to input text, and the system will then produce its tone of voice.

Examples of Tone of Voice

  1. Satirical
  2. Sensationalist
  3. By purpose of the article
    • to Divert
    • to Give Perspective
    • to Inspire
    • to Inform
  4. Scientific

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