No code multimedia integrations

You can integrate the Multimedia module through the Marfeel Multimedia SDK or via a no code experience from the Experience Manager. Marfeel is able to set this module up without doing any development from the publisher’s side, since it’s a no-code module. This is based on the Tag experience, which is one line of Javascript that Marfeel deploys to the webserver of the publisher for a frictionless activation.

You can configure the Multimedia integration by:

  1. Creating a new Multimedia tag experience
  2. From the dropdown select the video providers you want to enable on your site
  3. Publish the experience

Within a few minutes you’ll start seeing data coming through in the Media tab on the real time view

The multimedia module is a paid add-on. Contact your account manager for pricing information and to enable it.
In case you have a custom player you can instrument it with the Marfeel SDK
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