Multimedia troubleshooting

Find below a list of common issues when dealing with the Multimedia module.


When playing a video or an audio the Marfeel SDK tracks data periodically to the Marfeel servers.
If you see data gaps in the UI like missing titles or images you can inspect the multimedia network requests to isolate if the SDK is properly sending the values or not.

Video title not detected

There are cases, very common when using the Generic no-code Video experience, that the titles show the url or a blob instead of the title.

You can validate the multimedia network requests but most probably it means the video player is not informing its title. You’ll have to add it on your side.

Metrics missmatch

Marfeel data warehouse offers several multimedia related metrics like video count, image count, has video, has audio and has media. It might be the case where the metrics are incoherent. i.e.: video count = 2 and has media = false.

Bear in mind that the metrics are extracted from different places:

  1. Structure data. video count and image count are reported depending on the image and video objects declared on the structure.
  2. Multimedia playback. has audio, has video and has media instead is tracked via multimedia tracking

There might be cases where has media=true but video count don’t match. It might most probably mean you should declare a video object in the Structure data of the article.

Multimedias reported in wrong articles

When checking an article detail you might see a multimedia being reproduced on an article that you wouldn’t say because the video is not directly embedded on it. Bear in mind that:

  1. Videos can be automatically reproduced after a directly embedded video completes
  2. In case your pages have infinite scroll implemented make sure you properly instrument it. Otherwise if a video is played but the url change was not notified to the Marfeel SDK the playback will be incorrectly attributed to the first editorial article.

Videos inside iframes

In case your videos load inside an iframe you will need our multimedia iframe SDK. Get in touch with your account manager to assist you with the implementation.