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Welcome to the Marfeel Documentation Center! All the resources you need to unlock the power of our Content Intelligence platform

Marfeel Platform

Marfeel unlocks the power of content analysis creating a 360º view of your business.
From traffic, engagement, subscriptions, SEO, commerce to monetization.

Find out how to get the most out of our Content Intelligence platform with our product documentation:

  • Implementation
  • Analytics
  • Experiences
  • Productivity
  • Privacy and GDPR

Getting started with Marfeel

New to Marfeel? Check out the following links and kick start your Content Intelligence project using our platform.

  • Marfeel in a nutshell
  • Marfeel for Editors
    • Editors
    • Home Editors
    • Trends
  • Marfeel for Audience - SEO
    • Audits
    • Core web vitals
    • Discover topics
    • Evergreen content monitoring
    • Keyword monitoring
    • Tagging articles in home
  • Marfeel for Subscriptions
    • Newsletters
    • Paywalls
  • Marfeel for Social
    • Trends
    • Tagging articles in feed
    • Publish to social
  • Marfeel for Engagement
    • Recommender
    • Inline experiences
    • Recirculation
    • HUD
    • Headline and Image A/B testing
  • Marfeel for Data teams
  • Marfeel for Advertisement