How to test or simulate an Experience

Before publishing live an Experience on you might wan to:

  1. Preview it in Experience Manager
  2. Preview it on real devices
  3. Share it with the team for review and feedback

Marfeel provides different mechanisms to help you.

Embedded Preview

The preview on the Experience Manager is fully functional and interactive. It’s ideal to rapidly iterate and experiment. For convenience the embedded preview doesn’t take Triggers neither viewability delays into consideration.

Test in real urls

You can simulate any Experience you design in the real world adding the #mrfexperiences=EXPERIENCE_ID_HERE parameter to any url with the Marfeel SDK. This allows you to play with the Experience on your phone or in a full fledge browser with developer tools available. An example url:


You can get the EXPERIENCE_ID_HERE when editing an experience from the browser URL:

The #mrfexperiences parameter support a comma separated list of experiences that will be executed. The experiences can be Inline, Flowcards or Tag experiences including pre and post targeting. i.e.:


Note this parameter only works on WEB and can’t work on AMP due to its intrinsic limitations.