Data Stream to Amazon S3 Set Up

The Data Stream to Amazon S3 integration provides Marfeel users with a place to store raw data exports.

How to set up Data Stream to Amazon S3

  1. Go to Organization settings > Integrations. Scroll to find ‘Data exports’ section.

  2. Select Connect in ‘Data Stream to Amazon S3’ integration.

  3. Fill in integration name: Enter any name here (this is for internal purposes only)

  4. Fill in bucket name: this is the name of the bucket in the Amazon S3 service where the data will be stored. More on buckets here.

    • It’s also possible to use a folder structure, as in: <bucket_name>/folder1/folder2/
    • Or to configure dynamic date folders such as: <bucket_name>/folder/#{year}/#{month}/#{day}/#{hour}/#{minute}
  5. Choose format:

    • Choose Marfeel 2022 to get the most out of your raw data exports.
    • Choose Chartbeat Compatible if you would like data exported in the same format as Chartbeat data streams.
    • Choose Google Analytics 360 Compatible if you would like data exported in the same format as GA360 data streams. Take a look at how to configure custom dimensions.
  6. Select export with or without compression.

  7. Enter Identity and Credentials with write access on your Amazon S3 bucket. More details on how to configure them here.

  8. Enter the AWS region your bucket is in. More on AWS regions.

  9. Once you click on Confirm, you are all set. You can monitor it’s usage in Logs tab. For more information on potential issues, check the Troubleshooting document.