Connect your Stripe account to Marfeel

MarfeelPass seamlessly directs user payments to your connected Stripe Account, ensuring complete visibility and a straightforward transaction management process.

To connect your Stripe account to MarfeelPass you have to:

  1. Setup the Stripe integration on Marfeel admin console
  2. Verify your Stripe account in case of creating a new one
  3. Add the domains to authorize payments on
  4. Verify the domains for Apple Pay
  5. Customize the invoice email template

You can connect your existing Stripe account. Make sure you have micropayments fees negotiated. If not get in touch with Stripe support or create a new connected Stripe account and ask help to your Marfeel account manager.

Stripe connected account creation

To link your Stripe account to Marfeel, follow these steps:

  1. Set up the Stripe Integration on Marfeel Admin Console:

  2. Stripe onboarding:

    • You’ll be redirected to Stripe’s onboarding screen.
    • Create a new Stripe account or connect an existing one. Creating a new account is recommended to inherit micropayments fees from Marfeel. If creating a new account, you can use business data from any other account you have.
  3. Follow the steps:

    • Add email and generate a password.
    • Provide a valid phone number and choose a 2-factor authentication method.
    • Select business location, type, and structure.
    • Enter business legal details (legal name, Tax ID number, address, phone number, industry, and website).
    • Enter personal details as a business representative.
    • Add bank account details.
    • Specify the statement descriptor for your customers’ statements.
  4. Complete Marfeel’s integration:

    • After setting up the Stripe account, you’ll be redirected back to Marfeel’s integration page, completing the process.

Verify your Stripe account

Access your Stripe account directly and complete identity verification.

Configure your domains on MarfeelPass

Ensure MarfeelPass transactions get through smoothly by adding all planned domains. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Integrations > Others, click on manage Stripe
  2. Add each domain

Verify added domains for Apple Pay

To authorize Apple Pay payments perform the following steps:

  1. Uploaded the Marfeel MerchantID to your server.
  2. Once the file is uploaded Verify each domain

Customize email invoice template

Access Public details settings on Stripe and specify the public information you want to include.

More details on Stripe documentation