Tagging rules: Apply tags automatically

Marfeel Tagging Rules brings a system that streamlines the process of tagging articles based on a set of defined rules. Tagging rules allows automating the tagging process, ensuring the content is accurately labeled and organized without manual intervention or modifying the html.

Here are use cases:

  1. Articles written by Author A, Author B or Author C set the tag team:SEO
  2. In a multi property account with different domains, assign BizUnit:Business or BizUnit:News articles from different sections and hosts
  3. In a multi property account with different domains, assignt the vertical that an article belongs to Vertical:Tech, Vertical:Lifestyle, Vertical:travel despite the host or section.
  4. Tag articles that have not been published on Social Networks
  5. Tag articles that appear on the home page

Tagging Rules

Start setting up your tags through Organization > Rules. In this module you can create your own customized tags with our no-code solution based on rules you create yourself. The rules are structured as follows:

  • Tag articles with: Specify the tag and the tag group you want to apply. i.e. Vertical: Tech
  • When: Set the criteria when the tag will apply. You can specify a combination of criterias based on metrics. Some examples:
    • When “Unique Users > 1000”
    • When “Social posts < 1” to easily spot non posted articles on social networks
    • When “RPM > 1”
    • "When “Scroll < 20”
  • On: Filter criteria based on any supported dimensions. Some examples:
    • “Traffic Source = Google Discover”
    • “Traffic Source with Internal = Opening” to tag articles that appear on the home page opening
  • During the last: the timeframe in which the previous criteria must be met

How to create a new tag rule

Here’s an example of how you set up a new tag rule to tag with alert:discovergrowth articles that acquire more than 1000 users from Google Discover in 1 hour:

  1. Go to Organization > Editorial > Tagging Rules
  2. Click on New rule
  3. Set the tag alert:discovergrowth in order to identify articles with Google Discover traffic.
  4. Apply the tag to articles with Unique users > 1000
  5. Filter by Traffic source equals Google Discover
  6. Choose the duration: select 1 hour or 1 day
  7. If you tick the box Remove tags when they don’t match, tag relationships with all editorials that don’t match anymore will be removed when the tag rule is live.

When an article acquires more than 1000 users on Google Discover in 1 hour, the system will tag the article with alert:discovergrowth.