Scroll depth and Infinite scroll instrumentation

Compass measures how far down on the page the reader has gone. In order to decide what the end of an article is Compass will calculate it based on the following preferences:

  1. A visible tag with the class mrf-article-body.
  2. A visible tag with tagName <article> (only applicable if there is only one of those).
  3. The whole body of the page.

Infinite Scroll

Marfeel can track and attribute page views triggered due to infinite scroll interactions.

In order to do so page views have to be tracked when the article is loaded

window.marfeel = window.marfeel || { cmd: [] };
window.marfeel.cmd.push(['compass', function(compass) {
	compass.trackNewPage({rs: 'infinite scroll'});

Infinite Scroll as internal traffic

Once the instrumentation is in place Marfeel will provide a detailed attribution of how many page views is Infinite Scroll contributing to your Internal traffic. Infinite scroll will appear as a traffic source and will be available across the data ware house.

You can also filter on Explore or any of the other perspective to see how the infinite scroll traffic evolves over time: