Privacy by design

Marfeel is committed to maintaining user privacy while giving publishers the platform to rightfully, ethically, and legally use data for their business goals.

To ensure this, we have implemented a policy of ‘privacy by design’ across all Marfeel products and services and have taken a series of measures to ensure these standards are upheld at every level of the organisation.

To ensure user privacy and regulation compliance Marfeel has:

  • Appointed a Data Protection Officer to ensure privacy and compliance standards are met and adhered to
  • Assembled a internal regulations committee comprised of members of our executive, legal, privacy, business, product, IT, data, and R&D teams
  • Implemented technical changes to support the GDPR’s requirements and enhanced data subject rights
  • Conducted trainings and awareness sessions for employees
  • Mapped the locations of where any personal data resides in our systems and where it is transferred between
  • Introduced an updated Privacy Policy that reflects our obligations under GDPR, CCPA and LGPD
  • Ensured that all partners have the appropriate measures to ensure they meet the requirements of the GDPR and CCPA where applicable