New Traffic Source in Town: Google News Showcase

We’re thrilled to announce that Marfeel is now able to identify the traffic coming from Google News Showcase and provide publishers with valuable insights to increase visibility on the platform.

We’ve observed significant global growth in Google News Showcase traffic. Our team has seen the impact firsthand that a well-executed editorial strategy can have on traffic, with some publishers experiencing a boost of 5% up to 20% in traffic to their sites.

Google News Showcase is a product launched by Google in October 2020 that aims to provide users with access to a curated selection of high-quality news content from trusted publishers. It offers publishers the opportunity to showcase their content through story panels that appear in Google News and recently in Google Discover, providing readers with easy access to articles and helping publishers to reach a wider audience.

With the new traffic source publishers can:

  1. Identify what content resonates with their audience and curate it
  2. Enhance their content curation: see the performance of Google News Showcase curated content in real time and iterate accordingly. This will help publishers to optimize their curated content and increase their visibility on Google News Showcase, ultimately driving more traffic and revenue.
  3. Choose the right format: publishers can choose between Rundown, Timeline, Bullets, Related Articles and other formats for their content distribution.

At Marfeel we’re proud to offer publishers the ability to better understand and leverage Google News Showcase traffic to achieve their business goals. Remember that Marfeel helps publishers identifying other external traffic sources like Google Discover, Social paid campaigns, Dark Social or custom attributions via UTM sources, mediums and campaigns. Marfeel also helps publishers understand which on-page elements users use to recirculate internally.