Image A/B testing setup

Marfeel makes it possible to run A/B tests on images as an add-on. For the purposes of this article, we’ll assume you have the add-on enabled. If not, simply reach out to your Account Manager to activate a trial.

The no-code A/B testing solution makes it possible to activate A/B tests for images with no code required. With a/b testing set up for images, editors know without a doubt which images make the most impact and communicate the urgency behind their stories. Run a/b testing for images on pages where the no-code solution is active.

Activate image A/B testing

To activate image A/B testing, follow the same process as for headline a/b testing. Find those instructions here.

In order to run A/B Tests on images via the HUD, you need to have Google Cloud storage integrated.

Set up Google Cloud Storage

  1. Go to Integrations > Image A/B testing Google Cloud Storage.
  2. Click Connect and populate the fields with the following information:
  3. Integration name: Enter any name here (for internal purposes only)
  4. Bucket name: this is the name of the bucket in the GCS service where the data will be stored. More on buckets here.
    It’s also possible to use a folder structure, as in <bucket_name>/folder1/folder2/
  5. Origin host: this is where images can be retrieved once stored in GCS. For example, requests like would be responded to with a file named my-image-path-name.jpg.
  6. Private key: This is your authentication info. More on how to obtain a GCS account key here.

Serving your images from a Google Cloud Storage bucket

Here are some tutorials for setting up an optimal image server for your site: