How to use Marfeel to monitor SERPs

The SERP Monitoring module provides comprehensive tracking of the SERP elements most relevant to publishers.

Create a new SERP query

  1. To start tracking a given search query, click on New query
  2. Query: Provide the keywords you want to monitor along with the country and language.
  3. Crawl every: Select crawling intervals (every 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes). The more recently a story has broken or volatile the trend, the more often you’ll want to crawl for relevant results.
  4. Until: Decide how long you want the query to run (an hour, a day, a week, or a month)
  5. Search type: select Mobile and/or Desktop to crawl for the results in the Top Stories and Videos modules as well as organic search for those devices. Check the box next to News to monitor results in the Google News tab. Click Confirm.

Monitor active queries in real time

Once you have your query set up, you’ll see it alongside the other ongoing and completed queries in the SERP monitoring table. Each column contains a different module or SERP element:

  • Monitor Top Stories, Video, Organic, and Google News rankings: See where you rank alongside your competitors for the different SERP elements. View your results in blue for every interval selected in order to keep an eye on the racing track that is SERP monitoring. Monitor competitors’ changes and stay one step ahead. You’re off to the races!
  • Keep an eye on competitors: The clock symbol indicates that one of your competitors has changed either the headline or thumbnail. See which competitors are doing A/B testing and whether it’s having a positive effect on competitor results to identify potential optimization opportunities.
  • Uncover Top Stories Rankings: Easily access the rankings for Top Stories (formerly known as the News Carousel) to stay on top of the game.
  • Optimize for Maximum Visibility: With our news SEO tool, you’ll be better equipped to increase your visibility in Google News and the Top Stories on Google SERPs.

SERP tags in Compass

  1. Each new query from the SERP monitoring module is automatically added as a tag that can be tracked in Compass. Click on the SERP tab in Compass to view results. Each query is accompanied by predictive analytics for effective benchmarking.

  2. Customize Compass to show keyword tags for corresponding articles in content rows: