How does Marfeel integrate with Consent Management Platforms?

Compass is designed to be a plug and play solution for publishers.
For this reason, Compass is fully compatible with all IAB TCF2.0 compliant CMPs.

Being IAB CMP compatible out of the box means that the Compass will integrate seamlessly with publishers’ existing consent and data management platforms.

My CMP is custom and is not IAB compliant - can it work with Compass?

Compass has built-in mechanisms to configure all privacy settings from SDKs in case publishers’ CMPs are not fully-compliant with the IAB TCF V2.0

What happens if users deny consent?

If a user chooses not to give consent to data collection, individual user data is not collected.

This means Compass will not know if it is a new user or not.
User scoring is also unavailable in cases where consent is not given.

If data consent is not given, all pageviews and actions can still be stored as they are fully anonymized and do not require user consent.

What happens if a user submits a right to be forgotten request?

If a user submits a right to be forgotten request, all information related to this particular user will be deleted within 30 days.

If the user requests that this information is deleted before the 30 days legal limit, Compass will endeavor to remove the information as soon as possible.

Do publishers have the option to restrict the data that Compass collects?

If the publisher does not wish to track users with cross device identification we can disable this functionality.