Cookies used by Marfeel

Marfeel sets up 2 first-party cookies in the publisher domain to store user information (unique identifier, registered user id in case you provide it, and previous visit time) and another temporal cookie to store session information (visit start time, referrer domain, and landing page).

The first one could be also stored on local storage and the second one in session storage depending on browser capabilities.

Bear in mind that storage is only used in case the user provides the permission to do so via the publisher CMP (Cookie Management Platform).

Here you can find the name and the purpose of the cookies and local storage entries that Marfeel might set:

  • _nrbi: Stores user data both as a cookie and in LocalStorage.
  • _nrbic: Stores current session browsing data both as a cookie an in LocalStorage.
  • compass_sid: Marfeel session id.
  • compass_uid: Marfeel user id.
  • compass_rfv_$ACCOUNT_ID: RFV of the user.
  • ___m_rec: Data about recirculation module.
  • marfeel-sdk-store: Localstorage with user data including achieved goals, number Flowcard impressions, experiment groups and information about HUD.