Can I find out which articles would perform well on social media? (Home page CTR)

Understanding which stories are producing a high CTR on the home page can show you which content may perform well on social media, as the presentation of stories on home pages is typically similar to the way they’re presented on social networks (especially Facebook).

Example using your newsroom in Marfeel

How to build this report:

  • Insights > Recirculation
  • Metrics = Eligible, Viewable, Open, and Open Rate
  • Group by = Module Name and Destination Title
  • Filters = Module Name ⊃ Home
  • You may need to adjust the wording of the filters, but just make sure you’re including the modules on your home page

Don’t have your social networks integrated in Marfeel?

Check how to do it here or ask our support team or your Customer Success Manager.