Bring back new users every month via Meta Pixel Experience

There are situations for which ranking higher up in Comscore, Nielsen, Quantcast, GFK, or other site traffic auditors, is a priority.

A strategy you can you use is to re-acquire users who have previously visited a website but didn’t return within the last 30 days.

The Marfeel Meta Pixel Experience allows you to easily setup a Meta Pixel event to create a targeted audience and acquire them back on Facebook and other Meta properties.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create a Meta Pixel

  2. Create a Marfeel Experience with the following configuration:

    • settings: your Meta Pixel ID
    • targeting: the domain you want to increase users for
  3. Create a new Custom Audience in Meta that includes all observed users within last 6 months (maximum offered by Meta) that have not visited your site during last 30 days

  4. Create a Traffic Campaign on Meta using this Audience.

    1. Add to targeting the country for which you want to improve the ranking, since site traffic auditors, such as Comscore, only account for domestic users in their metrics.
    2. Use your best content to bring them back, i.e. articles which have high on Discover or homepage, or which have a high Dark Social traffic
      This approach ensures that every click garnered by a campaign contributes to the monthly unique user count and enhances the probability of re-engaging users who have previously displayed an interest in the website’s content.

From Audience to Subscriptions

From Subscriptions to Audience

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