Big Screen Mode

The Big Screen Mode is meant to be projected on large screens of newsrooms, making it accessible to all editors. Because of the simplified view big screen mode offers, there are fewer numbers that alert editors if there’s something unexpected happening, which creates collaboration and increases conversations. It can be considered expensive artwork, and there are several important benefits it can help with:

  1. Improved alignment: makes it easier for editors to quickly and easily align to shared goals the organization decides are essential. Everyone is on the same page and understands how their work contributes
  2. Increased collaboration: display real-time data to facilitate collaboration among team members. See things as they happen
  3. Serendipity: see and understand patterns and connections in the data that they are working with while focusing on other things

Enable Big Screen Mode

  1. Go to the Compass view
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the Compass Dashboard Select Big Screen mode

Customize Big Screen Mode

Big Screen mode respects any filter set on the Compass view. I.e. different teams might be interested in projecting different panels on the big screen: filter a given section, filter internal traffic for home editors, social traffic for social teams, etc.

Marfeel big screen mode allows users to define any filters available at the data warehouse level.

  1. Go to the Compass view
  2. Set any filter you want: i.e. filter a Section
  3. Click the button

Leaving the Big Screen Mode

Users can leave the big screen mode by clicking on the logo or removing the bigScreen=true parameter from the URL.

Session restrictions

For security reasons, a user is restricted to 5 concurrent sessions (meant to support multiple devices i.e: desktop, laptop, tablet and phone). We recommend that Big Screen users have their own login and that logins are not shared.