Acquire lookalike Lovers and Subscribers via Meta Pixel Experience

Facebook offers the possibility of finding lookalike users, that is, users that behave in similar ways than a other users or defined audiences.

The Marfeel Meta Pixel Experience allows you to easily setup a Meta Pixel event to create a targeted audience of Lovers and Subscribers and acquire lookalike users on Facebook and other Meta properties.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Create a Meta Pixel
  2. Create a Marfeel Experience with created Meta Pixel and targeting Visitor Loyalty = Lover
  3. Create a Marfeel Experience with created Meta Pixel and targeting User Journey = Subscriber
  4. Create a Custom Audience based on this pixel’s events
    1. Go to Meta’s Ad Manager > Audiences
    2. Create Audience > Create Custom Audience
    3. Select Website as source and click Next
    4. Select your pixel and any other refinement conditions
    5. Provide a name for the audience and Create
  5. Create a Lookalike audience based on the created Custom Audience (right after previous step this option will be suggested by the interface, otherwise, you can select Create Audience > Lookalike Audience)
    1. Select the Custom Audience you just created
    2. Select the country where you’d like to get Lookalike users from
    3. Now you can decide the audience size/similarity. Adjust according to your available budget
  6. Create a Campaign on Meta using created Lookalike audience

By tracking with a certain pixel only the type of users we want to have more of —that is, i.e., Loyal Users and Subscribers—, we can then create a campaign targeting the users that have not ever visited our site (not pixeled by our more generic pixel) but that are similar to our Loyals and Subscribers.

This effectively should increase the Lifetime Value of the users we obtain, at the same cost.

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