Uncover Traffic Spikes Like a Pro

We’re bringing the Compass Graphic to life with zoom-in capabilities. Starting today, users can effortlessly dive into the Compass graphic to uncover what caused a spike.

Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Drag and drop to select a time period or click on a traffic spike of your interest.
  2. Quickly identify articles that experienced significant traffic spikes looking at the zoomed in sparklines on the articles list.
  3. Explore past dates, not just real-time.
  4. Combine the power of filters and zoom-in to streamline your analysis.
  5. Filter out specific traffic sources, such as push notifications, for refined spike identification.
  6. The zoom-in functionality extends beyond the editorial playbook to include multimedia and any other compass playbooks. Easily uncover which video spiked.
  7. Share insights with ease! The zoomed-in time periods can be shared seamlessly by copying and sharing the url.

This streamlined process enables users to pinpoint crucial data without extensive manual exploration.

Happy spike exploration! :female_detective: