Marfeel Roll-up Accounts: Data considerations

Roll-up accounts are subject to the same feature as child accounts.

  1. A roll-up account cannot be a source for another roll-up account.
  2. A child account can be aggregated to multiple roll-up accounts.
  3. A roll-up account can only access data from its child accounts. It does not collect data itself. Any event tracked on a roll-up accountId is discarded at ingest time.
  4. Data activation features are fully disabled on roll-up accounts. i.e. No experiences or recommenders can be triggered from roll-up accounts.
  5. Roll-up accounts do not inherit users from child accounts. User management is completely independent.
  6. Roll-up accounts have all the data from their child accounts starting on the date each child property starts having data.
  7. When a child property is disconnected from a roll-up, historical data from the child property disappears from the roll-up.
  8. A roll-up account has an associated timezone.
Data with a custom timezone for the Roll-up Account can only be viewed in the Real-time view. In the rest of the visualizations, the data will be aggregated according to the day to which they correspond in the original timezone of the child account.
  1. Maintaining the independence of aggregated user data. Even though Marfeel aggregates data from individual child accounts into a single aggregate, it doesn’t do user reconciliation across accounts. Metrics like User Loyalty and unique users honor the data on the child accounts.
  2. All your Marfeel tools available the same way you know them. By having the same tools you already use, no extra complexity is added. Just have all the data from multiple accounts and analyze it the way you already know it.