Marfeel General Demo

This is a general demo of the Marfeel Platform.

Marfeel General Tour

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Predictive vs descriptive metrics

All metrics compared to the last 4 same periods at the same time

How is the site doing right now compared to the last 4 weeks at this same time of the day?

How are my articles doing compared to the last 4 weeks?

How are my colleagues doing compared to the last 4 weeks?

Is there any Section over or under performing

Is there any correlation with the content production?

How are the new articles doing?

Where are users coming from?

Traffic Medium & Source

Search Traffic

Filter Traffic Medium = Search

Google Discover traffic

Filter Traffic Source with Internal = Discover

Dark Social

People landing directly to an article
Filter Traffic Source with Internal = Dark Social

Is there any Traffic source over or under performing?

Internal traffic

How is people recirculating internally?
Filter Traffic Medium with Internal = Internal

What are users reading?

Time travel

How was it yesterday?

Which articles have been most effective in Social over the past month

That was :zap: fast!

Metadata from Structure data

Marfeel creates a visual representation of how Googlebot sees your site





Articles written more than 7d ago

You should consider updating articles not updated within the last 30d with Search Traffic




Am I alone going up or down?
Are others affected?

Channel Share vs Marfeel

Volatility vs Marfeel

Core updates detector


Track Video and Audio, streaming vs on demand

Engagement Rate

Play Rate

Article detail

360 perspective of an article


In Article details


Everything we seen for Audience, for conversions


AB tests

Historical AB Tests

Advertising in Compass

Everything we seen for Audience, for advertising

Advertising in Explore

Reporting tool

ARPU by Loyalty funnel

ARPU by Section

Reports & Dashboards

Save reports

Sechedule reports



Optimize Audience

Which sections bring the most traffic on Discover?

Which Entities have the most authority on Discover?

Which Sports Organizations bring the most traffic?

Which TV Series bring the most traffic?

Optimize Subscriptions

Which devices bring the most subscriptions?

Which sections bring the most subscriptions?

What are attribution models?