Marfeel Data Processing FAQ

1. In which country or countries will personal data be processed by Vendor?

Spain, Germany, Finland and France

2. What is Vendor’s legal basis for processing personal data subject to the GDPR outside the UK/EEA?

Standard Contractual Clauses between Client as data exporter and Vendor as data importer

3. What categories of personal data will the Vendor be processing?

The following categories of information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person are processed by the Vendor:
[online identifier such as IP address or mobile device ID]
[location data]
Device Information: IP address. Operating system version. Device, Country. Navigation level; User agent; User ID.
User Navigation information:

Device Information: device from which a visitor accesses the Publisher’s website. The information obtained is device model, operating system and version, the unique identifier of the device, and the mobile network.
Location information: IP address, time zone, and mobile service provider, allowing to get website visitors’ general location.
User Navigation Information: Information about the use of the Publisher’s website. Specifically, the frequency of use, the sections visited, use of specific functions, time spent in each section, scrolling done, etc.
Information provided by the Publisher: Publishers may submit some personal information, such as visitor user ID on the Publisher’s website.

Information deduced or calculated through MARFEEL proprietary software Tool: All the information collected allows to generate information regarding visitor`s interests (e.g. engagement to the media, favorite sections, contents, authors, etc. of the Publisher’s website or other similar parameters.

4. What categories of data subjects are involved in the Vendor’s processing?

Vendor will process the personal data of the following data subjects: Website(s) visitors.

5. Describe the nature of the Vendor’s processing. How does the Vendor process personal data in providing the services?

Generate Real time statistics based on website visitors in order for the Controller to know what’s happening on his website, and also segment visitors in accordance with Controllers criteria.

6. Describes the purposes of the Vendor’s processing. Why is the Vendor processing personal data? (e.g deliver personalized ads, measurement, to provide HR services, marketing, research platform etc)

In order to perform the Services under the framework of the SAAS GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE, and to provide the Services effectively, the Processor may have access to personal data for which the Controller is responsible.

The Processor must carry out the required processing of Personal Data in order to carry out the SERVICES indicated in SAAS GENERAL TERMS OF SERVICE.

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